2-4 Bedford Place, CR0

Start Date
Completion Date
Repair of leaking felt roof, guttering and downpipes to the following specification. 

  1. Erect scaffolding to allow safe access to perimeter and surface of flat roof to rear of block. 
  2. Remove all existing roof coverings and dispose of (only remove as much as can be re-covered in one day). 
  3. Disconnect and remove perimeter gutter and set aside for re-use 
  4. Check for soundness of all existing structural elements and report.
  5. Replace of any defective structural elements and decking 
  6. Lay c 16sq m square metres of new fibreglass surface to all roof surfaces, including standard perimeter trims and upstands asrequired. 
  7. Replace guttering and re-connect to downpipes 
  8. Remove scaffolding

Before Images

After Images

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